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Meet Rachel Munson

Nutrition & Health Advocate

Certified Trainer

Rachel was never an athlete in school, but her love of nutrition began at a young age where she found herself being called odd for her healthy eating habits.

After gaining a bit of weight in college, she began taking friends through exercise programs and was feeling the physical and mental benefits. After landing her first desk job out of school, she realized that it was not fulfilling work and left to pursue personal training, where she received her certification through NASM.

After having her first baby in 2020, she has made it her mission to help as many moms as possible create a healthy relationship with exercise and nutrition. That is why she dreamt up her home gym in August of 2018 and set out to create a welcoming culture of women all striving for the same goal – to live long and feel great.

Client Approved


“Over the past year I truly feel that working with Rachel has helped me mentally not just physically.  There might be days that I really don’t want to show up because i’m tired or I have too much in my head but I know when I leave I will feel 100% better… sore but better! Rachel has truly changed my life, for the better.”

Jill - 50's

Mom of 2

“I started working out with Rachel after having been sidelined for 9 months with a serious illness. I had been reasonably fit in the past and I was SUPER frustrated with where this illness had taken me. I needed a different approach than I had used in the past, I needed to learn to listen to my body more and not stress so much about the scale (guilty!). I can’t say enough great things about how Rachel has coached me along while teaching me patience and how to be kinder to myself. I’m feeling stronger, healthier and happier…all wins! Seriously, sign up, you won’t regret it :)”

Rhonda - 50's

“I was challenged to try new ways of moving, which challenged me mentally and physically, which I would never of initiated on my own. Working with Rachel also introduced me to others who are on a journey to improve themselves. Having Rachel as a coach is fun! I enjoy my workouts more and I feel empowered.”

Alison - 40's

Mom of 2


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