Personal Training for Moms

Empowering you to become strong and capable for life. Individualized coaching for functional strength training, postpartum women and injury recovery.


Your body deserves it

You deserve to know what isn’t being taught in most class based gyms. You deserve to be trained according to your bodies needs and to use a program created specifically for you to achieve long lasting results.  

Meet Rachel Munson

Rachel is a fitness coach that specializes in helping women feel stronger and move better by using an individualized approach to their workouts and goals.

FORM Fitness offers personalized training sessions catered towards moms that have had children either 6 weeks ago or 40 years ago and are designed around their specific needs – we work on functional strength training. 

Rachel Munson Personal Training Coach
Rachel Showing Proper Form
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personalized training for moms
form fitness personal training for moms
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Client Approved


“Rachel’s taught me how to use equipment and has shown that even the basics do the work. I also never get bored because she switches it up and takes me out of my comfort zone and challenges me. It’s also nice because it’s one on one/private… no one is staring at me!”

Jill - 50's

Mom of 2

“I hired Rachel for the accountability and motivation. She’s someone that is going to tell it to me like it is and won’t validate my excuses. She helps me move on and continue to strive to be better each week! I like being in a private setting where I don’t feel like I’m being judged for the amount of weight I can lift or if I’m dying during a hard exercise. Rachel is the best!””

Paige - 30's

Mom of 3

“The personalized workouts Rachel provides me is they key reason I have been able to strength train for the first time in my life as a 40s something mom. Her support and motivation has made this change possible. Highly recommend her training!:””

Rebecca - 40's

Mom of 3


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